Electro Static Bolt Mix


Maybe the result of boredom or a sudden rush of excitement to do a new mix. Thus, the result is this post. I've been prowling my old music files in search of prospects to be used for future djing sessions. The list below is not quite that A-list choices but I still hope you like it.

1. David Guetta - I've Got A Life
2. Leroy Gomez - Everybody Dance (Frankie Gada Rmx)
3. Fedde le Grand & Funkerman - 3 Minutes To Explain (Original Mix)
4. Jeff Daniels and Donique - The Voice (Original Mix)
5. Nom De Strip - Tickler (Original Mix)
6. The Beatles - Twist Shout (John Revox Ludoloza remix)
7. A.l.b.a. - Bette Davis Eyes (Scotty Remix)
8. Cold Blank - 2012 (Original Mix)
9. Danny Freakazoid - Left & Right
10. Twin Pack - Funky Beats (Original Mix)
11. Jack Holiday Feat. Roby Rob - Raise Your Hands (Christopher S. & Mike Candys Mix)
12. 666 vs. Tag Team - Whoomp 2010 (vinyl shakerz remix)
13. Outwork feat. Mr Gee - Elektro (Elektro Mix)


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