The Radio4by4 Influence

I've been listening lately to the house music podcast website and their cool tunes of Techno Tribal and progressive house. So I have decided to try mixing this sub-genre and here's what I've came up with. I hope it sounds okay to you.

The Playlist:
1. Albert Neve & David Oleart Feat. Kaysee - She Won't Give Up (Taito Tikaro Essence Remix)
2. Format B - Hot Rod (Original Mix)
3. Vicente Lara - Soludeks 2010 (Danny LeBlack Remix)
4. Juanjo Martin & Albert Neve - Don´t Stop Till You Get Enough (Original mix)
5. Mark Knight - Devil Walking (Original Club Mix)
6. Sergio Ramos - Be Loved (Dave Darell Remix)
7. Fedde Le Grand feat. Mr V - Back & Forth (Fedde Future Funk Remix)
8. Raul Cremona & Abel Ramos - Rio With Love (Original Mix)
9. DJ Chus & Yasmeen - Ready Or Harmonica (Idriss Chebak Edit)
10. Danny Leblack - Das Spigel (Original Mix)
11. Dick Ray - Diablo (Original Mix)
12. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup - We No Speak Americano

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